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Best Logo Generators 2024: Free & Paid Tools For Stunning Designs

A memorable, eye-catching, and in short, compelling logo design is necessary for any business or brand. It is the first impression that people have of a company and can greatly impact its overall success to an extent. 

In order to make things easier, a prompt-based or question-based AI logo generator could help you save time and it doesn't require you to be a pro graphic designer. 

Based on solid research, I shortlisted online logo generators, and the good thing is, that most have a free trial, that you can obviously take advantage of. Read on to discover the best logo generators for 2024.

A-List Of 5 Best Logo Generators

Looka Logo Maker

This online logo generator asks you questions about your industry, and style preferences, and even does a bit of market research to get to know your brand. Then, like magic, it conjures up 75+ logo options at once! 

With seven color schemes and 300+ fonts to choose from, finding the perfect fit is a breeze. But the fun doesn't stop there. Looka goes beyond the logo, offering a full branding kit complete with business cards, letterheads, invoices, and even apparel. It's the one-stop shop for your brand's glow-up.

Pricing Plan

  • Free plan available

  • For high-resolution logos and branding kits, you could choose the Basic plan for $20/month or the Premium plan for $80/month.

Wix Logo Maker

If flexibility is your jam, Wix Logo Maker is your new best friend. This tool lets you create and customize to your heart's content. The AI gets you started, but you have the power to edit your logo extensively even after it's generated. 

Play with over 40 color palette combinations, hundreds of font selections, and 100 full-color and monochrome icons to make it truly yours. This user-friendly platform caters to everyone from newbie entrepreneurs to seasoned business logos pros.

Pricing Plan

  • Free plan available 

  • For additional essentials, you need to pay a $49 one-time fee. 


Design Evo comes to the rescue with over 10,000 pre-designed logos, millions of icons and fonts, and customizable colors. But it's not just about quantity; DesignEvo brings the quality too. Their gradient builder and shape library add that extra layer of polish, while the layout adjustment feature helps you fine-tune your design. With its feature-rich platform and a vast array of options, this tool is a powerhouse for unleashing your creativity.

Pricing Plan

  • Free plan available 

  • The basic package costs $24.99

Plannit AI

If you are looking for something a little more personalized, Plannit AI takes a different approach to logo generation. Instead of a quick DIY tool, they offer complete branding kits that include a custom-designed landing page to solidify your online presence. 

Choose from two packages, each with a dedicated consultation to dive deep into your brand's unique story and visual needs. It's a collaborative process that results in a branding package tailored to your specific goals.

Pricing Plan

  • 100% paid service 

  • The Base Package: $150 for Logo and Brand Guidelines

  • The Premium Package: $500 for Logo, Brand Guidelines, and a Custom Website

Tailor Brands Logo Maker

Tailor Brands is all about making your brand shine. Their intuitive interface guides you through a step-by-step process, from choosing your industry to selecting your favorite fonts and colors. And the result is a collection of logo options that feel tailor-made for your business (pun intended). 

With social media logo sizes and a variety of logo types (think watermark logos, signature logos, and more), Tailor Brands has you covered on all fronts.

Pricing Plan

  • $2.5/month

Conclusion - A Few Final Words!

All in all, you could nearly choose any of the above-reviewed logo generator tools for generating a well-designed logo for your business. They work super great, both for rookies and professionals. I have to mention, that while there might be more personalized tools out there, research and reviews show these are the top five for 2024.

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