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Financial projections are a crucial part of any business plan. Plannit AI’s financial projections and income statement generator simplifies the process, allowing entrepreneurs to create accurate, detailed financial forecasts with ease. This feature streamlines the process of generating your initial financial information.

Comprehensive Financial Overview

Our algorithms merge seamlessly with the GPT-4 engine to learn from your revenue model, business information and financial inputs, to automatically generate a comprehensive financial overview for your business plan. This includes an in-depth look at the projected growth rate of the company, the expected revenue, and the anticipated expenses.


10x More Powerful AI

We utilize the GPT-4 engine at our own expense to ensure that you have access to the most powerful AI in the industry. This allows us to provide you with the most accurate and detailed financial overview possible.


User Experience

Answer a few additional questions to allow us to calculate your financial projections and generate an income statement for your business plan. All in under 30 seconds.


Detailed 3-Year
Income Statement

Based on your revenue model, your business information and your financial inputs, we generate a detailed 3-year income statement for your business plan, formatting your vision into dollars.

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Simple, Accurate, and Detailed

Plannit only requires a few additional inputs to generate your detailed financial overview and income statement. It also learns from your revenue model and takes industry standards into account.

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Increase Your Chances of Getting Funded

Financial Projections

Plannit AI’s financial projections and income statement generator ensures that your business plan is backed by accurate, detailed financial forecasts. This increases your chances of securing funding and support from investors and lenders.

Income Statement

Download your plan with a professional income statement that is formatted to industry standards and editable. This will help you present your business plan in a professional manner and increase your chances of securing funding.

By leveraging Plannit's financial projections and income statement generator, you can ensure that your business plan is backed by a detailed financial overview that puts numbers behind your vision and provides you with a blueprint for a successful outcome.

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