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Mission Statement

A brief description of a company's fundamental purpose and focus.

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A mission statement is a concise explanation of a company's reason for being, its core purpose, and its direction. It communicates the organization’s values and its commitment to its stakeholders, including customers, employees, suppliers, and the community. A well-crafted mission statement serves as a guide for decision-making within the organization and as a message to the public about what the company stands for. It is an integral part of a company's corporate identity and strategy, providing a foundation for goals and operational strategies.

Context of Use:

A mission statement is a short, concise statement that defines the purpose of an organization. It communicates the organization's core objectives, its target audience, and the key strategies it employs to achieve its goals. Mission statements are foundational to both external branding and internal culture, serving as a constant reminder of what the organization stands for and its primary objectives. They are used by businesses, non-profits, educational institutions, and other entities to clarify their purpose and direction.


The purpose of a mission statement is to succinctly communicate the essence of an organization's goals and the philosophies underlying them. It acts as a guide for decision-making within the organization, ensuring that all actions align with its core values and objectives. For stakeholders and the public, the mission statement provides a clear idea of what the organization does and its reason for existence, helping to build a connection with the community it serves.


An example of a mission statement for a non-profit organization dedicated to environmental conservation might read: "To protect our planet's biodiversity and ecosystems through research, advocacy, and education, fostering a sustainable future for all." This statement clearly outlines the organization's purpose (environmental conservation), its primary activities (research, advocacy, education), and its ultimate goal (a sustainable future for all).

Related Terms:

  • Vision Statement: A forward-looking declaration of an organization's future goals and where it aspires to be in the long term. It's more about the company’s long-term aspirations than its current state.

  • Core Values: Fundamental beliefs or principles that guide an organization's internal conduct as well as its relationship with the external world.

  • Strategic Plan: A detailed plan outlining how an organization will achieve its mission and vision, including specific goals, actions, and resources required.

  • Value Proposition: A statement that outlines how a product or service solves a problem, delivers specific benefits, and why it is better than other similar offerings.


  1. How does a mission statement differ from a vision statement?

    A mission statement focuses on the current purpose and core objectives of an organization, while a vision statement is future-oriented, describing what the organization aspires to become.

  2. Why is a mission statement important for a company?

    It provides a clear direction and focus for the company’s operations, helps in strategic planning, and serves as a tool for communicating the company’s purpose and values to stakeholders.

  3. Can a mission statement change?

    Yes, as companies evolve, enter new markets, or adjust to changing environments, their mission statement can be updated to reflect new goals or directions.

  4. How should a mission statement be created?

    Creating a mission statement should involve input from various stakeholders including leadership, employees, and sometimes customers or clients. It should reflect the company’s core purpose, values, and strategic direction.

  5. What makes a good mission statement?

    A good mission statement is clear, concise, and inspiring. It should be easy to understand, reflect the company’s core values and purpose, and resonate with both employees and the target audience.

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